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Sparking Joy and
Finding the Person Within

Programs and Books For People Living with Dementia

Helping older adults remember, learn, express themselves, and nurture friendships

Our Programs

We Have Three Types of Programs:
  • A Long-Term Care Program
  • A Library Program
  • A Speech Pathologist Program
Each Program Provides: 
  • Training for Practitioners

  • Age/Dementia Friendly Books

  • Supporting Materials

Our Programs Enrich the Lives of Older Adults by

  • Increasing their independence

  • Bringing joy and meaning into their lives

  • Improving their communication

  • Enhancing their social relationships

  • Designed to be highly readable for older adults

  • Constructed to be easy to manage for older adults

  • Contain age-appropriate content

  • Printed on washable, tear-resistant paper

  • Available in multiple languages

  • Available in digital formats

NOTE: We only provide our books with our programs. We do not sell our books separately.

Our Specialized Books are


A Story Of Re-Discovery

With our specialized books and professional training program, people living with dementia our able to enjoy literature, in their own way, at their own pace. Our books stimulate minds, increase autonomy, and support conversation. These benefits are crucial for a population that runs the risk of overwhelming boredom, helplessness, and social isolation.

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Old Saybrook, Connecticut

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