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How Does Accessible Reading Enhance the Lives of Older Adults?

My mother often feels anxious. But when reading these books, she is focused and so happy!

-- Anne Bundy, Family Member

Reading is such a natural thing and we don’t realize these people are capable of doing this. I love seeing an activity where the residents are in charge, they're reading and I'm listening.

-- Sierra Harger, Certified Nursing Assistant


When I saw your reading program I got chills because I’ve known these residents for years and they don’t usually communicate. And yet, with the books, they were talking and reading...and to each other! I’ve never seen this before, ever. And the excitement in their faces, got me excited. I was blown away.
-- Ann Marie Denegre, Registered Nurse

In these reading groups, my mother is doing something

by herself, for herself, and not needing anyone to help her. 

Watching my mother interact with the other residents

brings joy to my heart. The smile of her face says it all.

-- Bonnie Nyman, Family Member



Reading2Connect has allowed our library to finally provide reading opportunities to a segment of our community that might otherwise go unserved. The books spur memories, engage minds, and start conversations with those who might otherwise slip into a period of inertia and isolation. These purpose-designed materials form the core of a project in which all our partners are proud to participate."

-- Tom Piezzo, Library Director 



(Reading the Chicago book) You really felt as if you were in Chicago. I felt as if I had been there again reading this. It was wonderful.
-- Claire Reeve, Reader 

They feel a longing for something. They know something is missing. These books satisfy that longing.

-- Kristi Couture, Therapeutic Recreation Director

The reading groups encourage them to take interest in each

other and give them a sense of fellowship. Otherwise they tend

to live in isolation.
-- Perry Rowthorn, Family Member

We have a group of gentlemen that rarely participate in our activities but here they are, having their own group, reading

and talking about baseball -- not to us but to each other.
-- Allyson Geida, Program Coordinator


I love the reading groups! After you set them up, you feel this vibe, this connection. You see that reading is something they like to do. They just keep reading and talking, over and over. It’s perfect!
-- Anne Marie Saimil, Recreation Therapist

These reading groups hold the resident's attention perhaps more than any other activity. They foster not only a renewed sense of cognitive focus, but also encourage proactive group interaction, often to include some welcome dramatic personal expression!
-- Rick Hall, Family Member

Magic happens when we pull together a Reading2Connect

group. These reading groups incorporate all of the eight

dimensions of wellness – it doesn’t get much better

than that!
-- Laure Lynch-Young, Activities Director

Seeing a group of residents reading to each other,

you see them sharing joy and passion. You see the level of

happiness brought forth by this program. It’s made all of our

lives here that much richer.
-- Kathleen Dess, Executive Director

We are gaining new insight into residents' abilities.  It is gratifying to see them enjoy reading again. The  Reading2Connect books spark discussion among residents and provide openings for more peer-to-peer interactions.  We love using them!"
-- Ann Bertini, Memory Care Program Director


I am just crazy to help my mother communicate, and as far as I can see, reading is virtually the only vehicle that works for her. 

-- Anne Rowthorn, Family Member

I absolutely love the books and have started using them daily. The subjects of the books are spot on and I appreciate all your help getting us set up. 

-- Candace Weeks, Speech Pathologist at Texas State Veterans Home

This is stunningly done. The book moves with a nice pace and gives you enough space, without dragging you down. The length of it and the pace of it are very adept. It's long enough and doesn't need to be any longer; it's short enough and doesn't need to be any shorter.

-- Joan Luger, Reader

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