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Interactive, Self-Directed Reading without Staff Intervention

                                                          The Reading Cafe...

The Reading Cafe is an activity in which older adults run the show! Staff use a nuanced, indirect, behind-the-scenes manner of support. Residents determine and control the flow of turn-taking, shared reading and conversation. In Reading2Connect® groups, each resident has a copy of the same book. Residents help each other, discuss new ideas and information, and share memories, without the imposed structure of a staff group leader. Older adults' social aptitudes, curiosity and empathy all become evident in this context that stimulates organic, spontaneous conversation, at a pace that is optimal for them.
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A Place of Self-Expression, Learning, Friendships, and Fun!

Care Professionals' Testimonials

Judy discusses what it was like sharing 

the Reading2Connect® books with her dear husband, Phil.

 A few words 
and a soothing image
can be engaging and calming
at any stage of life. 

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