The Positive Impacts of the Reading2Connect® Program

are Far-Reaching and Lasting

Reviving the minds, voices, and self-esteem 

of the older adults in your care.

Readers with Memory Challenges


Elders experience active engagement and initiation, a renewed interest in the world and desire to learn.  Their past areas of expertise and passions are rekindled. 


With our adapted books for support, older adults are able to genuinely express themselves, recall treasured memories, and connect deeply with others.         

                  Boredom is replaced with fun.

Feelings of futility are replaced with independence.

          Loneliness is replaced with friendships.



With our program, staff and care partners learn to implement a Montessori-based dementia-care approach.  They appreciate having practical tools to enhance the social-emotional well-being of the older adults in all social and care situations.  With Reading2Connect®, employees report feeling more connected with residents, more effective in their work, and more invested in their jobs.

Note: The Reading2Connect® Training is an NCCAP CE approved course.


Administrators are proud to differentiate

their community from others by providing 

an age-appropriate life-enrichment program

that celebrates residents' strengths and

compensates for needs.  A program that

manifests the innovative, person-centered,

changing culture of senior care. 



When seeing Reading2Connect® activities, families of residents -- and families of prospective residents -- are thrilled to see the high level of communication and enjoyment.  They are impressed with the authenticity and social elements that Reading2Connect® infuses into the lives of older adults.


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Fewer Staff-Directed Activities. More Resident-Directed Activities.

Our Program is customized for the needs of multiple settings:

  • Skilled Nursing             

  • Memory Care

  • Assisted Living

  • Hospitals

  • Hospice

  • Libraries

  • Senior Centers

  • Memory Cafes

  • Adult Day Centers

  • Home Care Companies

 We also offer a program for family support partners.


All of the Reading2Connect® Programs include:

  • Books adapted for older adults living with memory challenges

  • Training Sessions for professionals, care staff, families, and volunteers

  • Supportive Materials to optimize independence 

Contact us 

for program details specific to your community.

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