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Reading2Connect® Long-Term Care Training Course

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Our Reading2Connect® Long-Term Care Training Course is for employees (and volunteers) within a care community setting, eg, skilled nursing, memory care, assisted living, as well as adult day centers. This course provides trainees with the skill set necessary to facilitate self-directed, independent reading for people living with cognitive changes. The strategies addressed in this course are highly applicable in all care and social situations with older adults. Our course uses a train-the-trainer approach. That is, trainees acquire sustainable, Montessori-based skills that they can share with other employees and volunteers. Incorporating Montessori principles, trainees learn to use our books to • Conduct engagement programs facilitating independent peer reading groups. • Augment events, holidays, and activity themes. • Incorporate comedy, trivia, singing, skits, and spirituality in elder-led activities. • Enrich visits (remote and in-person) from families and friends. • Design volunteer, student, and intergenerational programs. • Enhance media and multi-sensory experiences. • Offer compassionate responses to individuals feeling distressed. • Foster diversity and inclusion in their community. • Integrate reading into the daily lives of elders beyond programming. Upon completion of the course, trainees will receive a certificate as a Reading2Connect® Certified Facilitator.



Reading2Connect® Long-Term Care Program, $3,200.00

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